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Need a Personal Statement Template or CV Template? We’ve got it covered…
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Whether you’re planning to go to university or dive head first into an apprenticeship or school leaver programme, we’re here to let you know about all the options available to you. Once you’ve decided on the path you’d like to take, we want to guide you through the application process through our unique personal statement template and CV template to make sure you successfully secure your university place, apprenticeship or school leaver programme.

Personal Statement Template

Creating a personal statement is a necessary evil if you want to secure a university place. Trying to remember your last 18 years of achievements, work experience and school activities and then fit it into 47 lines is no easy feat. Luckily, ULAS has the solution. Through our unique personal statement template, you populate the relevant sections throughout the year, which makes the writing process 100% easier when the time comes. Your teacher will give you feedback as you go to make sure that you end up with such a dazzling personal statement that no university will be able to say no.

CV Template

If university isn’t for you and you’re considering applying for an apprenticeship or school leaver programme, you’ll need to create a CV . This important document could be the difference between securing an interview, and not getting through the door. ULAS knows that apprenticeships and school leaver schemes are genuine alternatives to university, and so have created a bespoke CV template for these applications. Like our personal statement template, it will gather feedback from your teacher to ensure you create the best CV possible.

Sounds good, how can I access it?

There are two options! To make sure you get the best possible experience using ULAS, your school or teacher needs to register to use the tool first. That way, they can help guide you through creating your CV or personal statement, and give you feedback and advice along the way. If you’d like to use the tools that ULAS has on offer, just let your teacher know about us and that it’s free! Alternatively, click here to fill out your teacher's details and we will get in touch with them to let them know about this useful tool.

The other option is to become a ULAS ambassador, where you will represent ULAS at your school and work alongside your teachers – which is great for your CV or personal statement! Take a look at how to become a ULAS Ambassador, and read our Ambassador Aniqah’s story today.