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Parenting a Teenager? Help Them With Their Career Decisions…
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Anyone who is currently parenting a teenager or two knows you share the hard task of helping them make decisions about their post school options with their teachers. Trying to support young people with such an important decision isn’t always easy, especially as the majority of parents will admit that they are not trained career advisers!

How can ULAS help?

To make your vital role a little bit easier, we have written two articles explaining the options available to your teenager: one for those finishing their GCSE’s and one for those finishing their A-Levels. We hope they will aid you in advising your teenager about their school leaver options.

Sounds great, anything else?

The main purpose of ULAS is to be an online tool for use in schools. It has a unique personal statement and CV template builder which helps students create these important documents in order to secure a university place or apprenticeship. It’s particularly useful as teachers can interact with their students within the platform in order to provide continuous feedback on their attempts. ULAS  allows students to explore different industries, check out university courses and apply for apprenticeships and school leaver programmes. It also allows organisations, such as firms offering apprenticeships or universities, to interact with interested students and help guide their applications.

How can my teenager use ULAS?

To make sure students have the best possible experience, their school has to be using ULAS. That way, they can help guide their students throughout the process of creating their CV or personal statement, and give feedback as they go. If you’d like your teenager to be able to use the tools that ULAS has on offer, just let their teacher know about us and that it is free. Alternatively, click here to fill out their teacher or Head of Sixth Form’s details and we will get in touch with them ourselves.

We know the ULAS tool would be an invaluable resource for your teenager to help them discover the right option for them. Help us spread the word!