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The ULAS platform has been conceived by teachers who know how schools work inside and out. Let us use this expert knowledge to make your recruitment process easier.


What motivates us?


As working teachers we were concerned by the amount of talented students that were lacking the knowledge and skills to make successful applications to either university or school leaver employment. The solution? Our teacher-led, school-integrated platform: ULAS. We are driven by the ambition to make sure all students are fully prepared to make the gigantic leap from school to the working world or university life. Furthermore, ULAS ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their applications.


What can we do for your organisation?


We aim to be THE go-to source for school leaver recruitment. Through our unique online service, employers and universities can promote their events and school leaver opportunites directly at their target audience. You want to recruit the right students? We make your life easier.


How does it work?


ULAS is a powerful recruitment tool for reaching school and college leavers. Unlike other careers websites, the ULAS platform is fully integrated into the school curriculum. The ULAS Careers Short Course – a series of 12 one hour lessons – further imbeds the tool into schools.

Students build their own profile inputting various demographics, and choose to follow industries, companies, universities and courses. Based upon their individual choices, relevant information can then be hyper-targeted to these students.

Employers can shortlist appropriate students and communicate with them directly. Similar to LinkedIn, employers and students have their own page or ‘shop window’ in which to present themselves to this marketplace community.

Furthermore, through our focus on increasing inclusion in under-represented areas, ULAS can provide unique CSR solutions to your organisation.

Recent feedback from a leading IT consulting firm indicated that they would rather “speak to a room of 10 students interested in IT rather than a room of 100 students with undefined interests”. Through ULAS’s hyper-targeted model, companies don’t waste their time on mass irrelevant applications. We have the engaged students, and we bring them to your door.


What makes students keep coming back?


Because ULAS is embedded into the curriculum, students have regular, scheduled and often mandatory appointments to develop their profiles and check the latest opportunities and events.

Outside of school, we pride ourselves on effectively engaging registered students by providing interesting and reliable information, as well as the latest opportunities for university and school leaver employment.

If you would like to speak to someone about how ULAS provide recruitment or CSR solutions to your organisation, get in touch today by emailing We look forward to hearing from you!